English information

ProDykk Oslo is situated in the Oslofjord south of Oslo centrum on the peninsula Nesoddtagen. To get here by car will take 45 minutes from Oslo on highway E18 or E6 and if you want to get here by public transport it will take approx. 60 minutes from Aker Brygge with the ferry (601) and corresponding bus (631) (stop at Svestadveien).

We are very fortunate to have EVERYTHING AT ONE PLACE. Dive center, dive store, classroom, wardrobe with shower and toilet, air/nitrox filling station, lounge for divers, indoor pool, accomodation 200 metres away and awesome diving sites just outside the center. You can dress and mount at the dive center, walk outside and descend directly in the water.

Outside Svestad Brygge (the jetty) we have up to 5 wrecks (steel, wood and a fishing vessel in mint condition), a wall which drops to 35m and a big winch at approx. 34 meter. Our marine life is vulnerable and shy, we encourage all divers to just look, not touch - take only photographs, not objects or plants - leave only bubbles, not rubbish!

The Oslofjord is famous for its makro life and wrecks. Gobys, nudibranch, pipefish, flatfish, crabs, lobster, shrimps and sea slugs are daily sightings. Outside ProDykk we have a diverse plant life with different anemones, corals and seaweed.

Courses are conducted every week, all year. Open Water starts every wednesday (5 days) and Advanced Open Water starts every second saturday (2 days). Unique Norwegian rules apply to the different courses. We are able to conduct all courses in English too!

Other courses are arranged randomly at different months. Watch this website or facebook page for upcoming events! Contact us if you want a specific course so we can arrange it at your convenience.

Every Tuesday we organise "Tirsdagsdykk" from 13:00 to 21:00. This is an open night for divers to meet other divers and to dive with a group / buddy. The dive center is open for all business during these hours and you can take advantage of our 50% DISCOUNT on gear rental this night!

At our dive center we offer a test dive for 400,- nok! If you haven't tried diving yet and are curious, we will take you in the pool with the other course participants!

If you need to do a scuba review we recommend you to contact us for a Dry Suit course which will include all tune-up, dry suit theory, 2 dives and a SSI Dry Suit certification.

If you would like to rent gear we have most sizes in stock from Aqualung. A day rental, full gear incl. dry suit is 750 kr. Weekend rental is 1500,-.

It costs 75 kr to fill up your tank with air and 90 kr with Nitrox 32/36 %.

Please contact us here for more information!