Rofos Artic Vams

Prodykk Oslo

3.690,00 kr

Fleece undersuit

Artic is a fleece underskin line, excellent for trilaminate drysuits.

Warm, soft, 4-way stretch and compact, allow maximum freedom of movement.

The line include two one-piece undersuit, a vest and socks.

Vest, socks and the heavier undersuit are made in Polartec® Power Stretch, 539 gr/m2 and are perfect for dives in cold waters with trilaminate drysuits.

The lighter version is made in Polartec® Power Stretch, 261 gr/m2 and is suitable for warm water dives with trilaminates and for dives with neoprene drysuits in all conditions.

Technical features


  • Two large pockets, with a layer of fleece on the outside and a thinner layer on the inside to be warm but not bulky.
  • One pocket on the chest closed with a zip.
  • Hidden front zip with dual sliders.
  • Ankle spats.
  • Elastics on the wrists.
  • Preshaped knee.
  • Hole on the chest for the heater cable.
  • Holes for the p-valve on both legs.